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Nice games, and Goal Song Redux

Gotta love Bergenheim's hat trick, and the effort in general. I like the system personally, and while we have a long! way! to go, there is hoep for this team.

Opinion question for you.

In the past few days, the Islanders almost totally reworked their goal song, making it even more original than it already was. Now, i know what a lot of you might be thinking about "bring the old one back", but there is a valid reason to do with royaltys and the fact that Charles Wang is losing money already without paying a man in prison ASCAP, but I digress. I just wanna know, what do you think of the new variation?

Personally...I like it. The idea of emulating a coliseum wide "Let's go Islanders!" chant is much more in line with what I invisioned a custom goal song to sound like. It isn't working now because I think Islander country is a bit resistant to change, but people will get used to it. Could be worse, they could have DJ Dawg's Death grunt vocal mix.
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